caffeine addict, mom, perfectionist, wine lover, wife, social media enthusiast, yogi, scrapbooker, sister, friend, dog rescuer, chocoholic, human being…

And that’s just the stuff that twitter will let me squeeze into that tiny little “about” box. There’s so much more, as you’ll see if you hang out here long enough.

I also, always have a camera in my hand, as my friends and family will tell you. I’ve never taken formal lessons on how to use it but I love that little piece of electronics with all my heart.

This new site is a fresh start for me and a chance to combine all of the haphazard bits of randomness that are my life.  After years of blogging each aspect separately I decided that you’ll either take me as I am or you’ll find somewhere else to spend your time. But I do hope that you’ll stick around!

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I yam what I yam…


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