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For those of you following along with me – all two of you (Hi Mom!) – you saw my recent posts about the decision to start from scratch with a new blog and the decision that led me back here to good old WordPress.  The condensed version being that I do eventually want to self-host my blog and wordpress lends itself more easily to that than most other blogs.

Earlier this week I participating in #blogchat where we discussed moving a blog from one platform to another, and it quickly became very obvious that this is a topic a lot of folks struggle with. And for good reason – you spend a lot of time building, loving and tending to your blog and you don’t want to just uproot and move somewhere new and leave behind the fruits of all that labor.

In the end my decision was easy.  I’ve spent a lot of time creating content but never really focused on driving traffic or gathering comments – I still don’t. So it wasn’t hard for me to abandon the others and move on to something new.  Plus I find it somewhat cathartic to make a fresh start and leave the past behind. I know I’m in the minority on that one, which is understandable. But from reading the posts during the blogchat I know I’m not completely alone.

There was some great blogchat discussion and I highly recommend that if you’re considering a move that you peruse the transcripts of the chat for some good information.  The short answer is that there’s a lot of ways to deal with it and a lot of it depends on what’s motivating your move and what you hope to accomplish by doing so. Don’t just move because you like the templates or widgets on another platform – really consider why you want to move and make sure your eventual decision is based on the requirements you lay out.

In the end, if your content is important to you at least back it up before you close up shop. Consider it the digital equivalent of packing your belongings in boxes and sticking them in storage until you’ll need them later.  If you are self-hosted this should be pretty simple, but if not consider the following resources:

Disaster Planning: Backups for Bloggers (Particularly like #3 about subscribing to your blog’s RSS Feeds)

Our Mommyhood has a very simple post about backing up Blogger content

Check out Blogbooker for instructions on how to export your blog as XML.

And worst case, just consider it a fresh start!

– Christy