In December I had the pleasure of trying out a newly-opened establishment in Charlotte called Petit Philippe, which had just celebrated their grand opening a few weeks prior. Owned and operated by husband and wife Mark Meissner and Casey Hickey, it’s the cutest little wine and chocolate shop and tasting room. And while they were still working out the kinks we got a great sampling of this fantastic new venue.

Here’s the beautiful awning outside, which is lit up so nicely on Selwyn Avenue.

The Door Sign. Who wouldn’t see that and want to come in?

Rows and rows of wine bottles…

And even more wine! I’ll take one of each, please!

I love the unexpected modern touches with an antique flair.

Today’s Tastings: Samplings of Bordeaux in America!

Here’s the lineup…

Group shot before we get too wound up! (Me, Chanee, Amy, Nola, Ruth and Tracey)

Up first – the Venge “Silencieux” Cabernet. Good marks from the group. Amazing aroma!

Beaucanon Cabernet Franc “L Cuvee” which I think stood for “Oh So Lovely” – or at least that’s what I thought of it!

Lambert Bridge Merlot. Very nice flavor and not a dry merlot by any means.

No, we’re not having any fun at all!

And finally a sweeter Cabernet, the L’Ecole No 41.  Nice finish and such a cute label!

And who could forget the chocolate tastings! You almost didn’t even need the chocolates in between sips of wine, but who could resist!

Those tasty little treats were nothing compared to the works of art contained within the chocolate case. Exhibit A: Mojito.

Exibit B: Pumpkin Caramel Cheesecake. So pretty!

Exhibit C: Chai Spice – gorgeous details!

Tracey liked this one!

And my personal favorite – the Sea Salt Caramel Chocolate. Oh my!  So heavenly they almost look like they are floating above the plate!

After all that wine and chocolate whet our appetites we went next door to the Mellow Mushroom for some tasty pizza. But that’s another story for another day.  All in all it was a fun night with great friends at an amazing new spot in Charlotte.  I highly recommend Petit Phillipe for your next night out in the Queen City!

~ Christy

Note: I went to snag the URL off of their website to add the link at the top of the post and noticed they’ve added some of my photos on their site.  (Which they had asked if they could use them, which of course I said Yes – what an honor!) It’s very cool to see them up there and I’m so glad to get to help out a new local business. Good luck guys and you’ll see me again VERY soon!