Recently I shared my conundrum in choosing a blogging platform on which to start this new journey.  And while it doesn’t take a genius to figure out where I landed, what you might not be able to infer is why this was the choice I made.

As I stated, I’ve given just about every blog tool a try over the past decade or so.  Some are more intuitive, others have cleaner options, and yet others are just plain fun.  But I had to make a decision – was this a tool I ever had any expectation of needing tools and resources available only to professionals?  And that led me to the decision to set down roots permanently on WordPress.  And quite frankly that could never become a reality I am faced with.  I’m perfectly happy with this being my happy little place to record my own thoughts, musings and ramblings.  However, it would be a challenge to assist others with setting up and managing their own pages if I didn’t have something to show them.  And unlike the cobbler whose children had no shoes, I’d like to be growing and developing myself the same way I help others to grow and develop.

So that’s how the decision was reached.  No fancy charts or graphs – just some basic questions and straightforward analysis.  Sometimes simple is better.