As I stated in my post yesterday, I’ve been doing the blog thang for a while now…  Naturally when I started this new blog the first thing I did was make sure I was starting out on the best blogging platform available (at that exact point in time).  I wanted one that would allow easy posting, template customization, and integration of all of my favorite social media tools.  I’ve tinkered with quite a few of them in the past: Blogger, WordPress, Xanga, Posterous, Typepad (and the list goes on and on.) Why experiment with so many of them?  Because for me the learning opportunity is best achieved by biting the bullet, signing up, and playing around.

Having been around the block a number of times personally I decided to see what the self-professed experts were saying.  So silly me, I do the first thing I would expect anyone else would do… I googled it.

Then I laughed.  One of the top three (non-paid) results was a page titled “Seven Blogging Tools Reviewed” and it was from 2006.  Yeah…like that’s relevant.

Which is kind of funny to me because within the vast universe of technology tools available to us, things change in a heartbeat.  Love your Myspace page?  Say buh-bye ’cause all your friends just jumped ship and moved to Facebook.  Your current favorite location-based application is Foursquare?  That’s great but the people you want to connect with are all on Gowalla.  And so on…

And therein lies the rub.  We have all of these tools at our fingertips, but the casual user could get into a swirl of analysis paralysis trying to decide which bandwagon to hop on.  And if you’re a small business?  Forget about it.  You’re not just keeping up with your buddies – you’re trying to woo all of your current and future customers through the myriad of tools they are using!

I’m a self-professed newbie at all of this social media stuff.  But I know I’m in good company because in all honesty most of us are new to this because the technology hasn’t been around that long.  And quite frankly anyone can do what I did: bite the bullet, sign up and play around.  You may publish one “Hello World” post and never return but at least you tried it.

There is a lot of value in having someone play with those tools, understand your needs (either business or personal) and help guide you not only to the right tool but in the appropriate way to use that tool.  And that’s where I’m hoping to provide value to others.  I want to share my experiences, lessons and triumphs.  And along the way, I hope to make some new friends and peers.

Oh, and to state the obvious answer to the first question, this blog is hosted on WordPress, which is where I wound up.  More on that in another post…