I’m making a fresh start.

Normally folks wait until the New Year to do this type of thing – setting goals, expectations, etc.  But not me, I like to do things a little differently.

I’ve been blogging since 2001 – before it was really known as blogging.  I started with a ‘site’ on Xanga when it first popped up.  I was one of the originals – led there under false pretenses via an e-mail sent by “Alice.” And let me just say that long before Facebook rolled out “Likes” Xanga came up with “Props”.  It was a fun little foray into what would eventually evolve into blogging, but I quickly tired of the cliques who would prop each other to the top of the blog roll and the community drama that ensued.  I left one final goodbye that April and never returned to the site again.

Since then it’s been one blog after another.  Different topics, different platforms.  Some public, and others kept private.  I was always trying to find that one thing that made each one better than the other.  With each attempt something just didn’t feel right, and each site was eventually left untended.  After a certain amount of time you can’t give CPR and expect things to spring back to life again.

And it finally hit me that I was trying to compartmentalize my life into blogging bits, rather than celebrating it for the diverse, schizophrenic, beautiful mess that it really is.

So this is a fresh start.  I’m turning off the other blogs (some of which haven’t been touched for years) and beginning anew.  It might not be pretty, and it will most certainly be a hodgepodge of the things in my life, but at least for the first time in a decade it will finally be me.

Buckle up.